Business News Media – Consultancy – Capital solution

VOCAL INVESTOR produces digital content on business, market, industry and economy-related topic to educate the audience and serve as a matchmaker of small business – in need of capital and the investor – looking for investment opportunities.


To educate and strengthen the fundamentals of small business and communities.


To be a household platform for knowledge seeker, small business and the small investors.


For our communities, we place a high value on honesty, integrity and fairness. We acknowledge our errors and the fortitude to continue serving our communities in the face of difficulty

Who we are

Our Management team consist of qualified, young and dynamic content creator and editor, specialized IT professional, energetic management trainees. And our volunteers – who are our backbone.

Business​ News

We make digital content on latest business news and analysis, Detailed Research Report  regarding Business, Economy, Finance, Portfolio Management, Commerce, Management, Trading, Corporate Strategy and Leadership. To be more knowledgeable and efficient.

Consultancy Services​

We perform evaluation of client needs, choice of the most suitable financing mechanism and assessment of project eligibility. We can provide you with professional advice on the possible requirements and growth opportunities.

Capital Solution​

We help our clients to make their plans feasible by attracting necessary financing from the market. We advice our clients to make strategic and meaningful changes in their business or organizations to invite capital.

Promotional & Educational Services

We provide educational excellence through digital content posted on our platforms and make promotions for our clients.