India won’t meet its goal for renewable energy by the end of the year


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Experts predict that India will fall short of its goal for renewable energy by the end of the year due to “many difficulties,” such as a shortage of funding and taxes on imported components that are impeding the development of the clean energy sector.

A high-level parliamentary analysis released last week indicated that the nation has installed slightly more than half of its anticipated renewable energy capacity.

The goal, which was established in January 2018, would have raised India’s capacity for renewable energy to 43% of its present energy mix. Now, the government says it intends to reach the objective by the middle of 2023.

According to Vibhuti Garg, a New Delhi-based energy economist, the shortfall is due to “inconsistent federal and state-level renewable energy policies, excessive custom duties on renewable energy related products, as well as financing issues.” She added that the solar industry is particularly vulnerable to such roadblocks.

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