Supertech’s twin towers in Noida to be demolished


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On Sunday, around 3,500 kg of explosives deliberately positioned in 10,000 holes at various positions of the buildings will bring down the two non-compliant residential towers built by Supertech in Noida, Apex and Ceyane.

It will take three months to remove the 30,000 tonnes of demolition debris from the site, according to Edifice Engineering, the company in charge of tearing down the twin towers.

This will be the company’s first tower above 100 metres tall to be demolished in India. For breaking coastal regulations, it had already destroyed three skyscrapers in Kochi that were around 60 metres tall. “In Johannesburg, where the next building was 7.5 metres away, we dismantled a 108-meter tower. We are confident in our capacity to demolish the structure without hurting the nearby structure because the distance between it and this building is 9 metres, Mehta said.

A seven-person team from the South African company Jet Demolition is a component of the 400-person team working on the demolition project.

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